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Day 4: Arequipa

  We had nice breakfast and then packed one bag to go (mine) and the other (identical, as we have two ikea bags)  in the hotel with Nuria’s work clothes and laptop. We book the last night and took the posh taxi to the airport. We made sure before leaving that we had the hotel […]

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Day 3: holidays starts at today

  Why holidays are starting on day 3? Well I allowed myself up to Saturday so 3 days,  to reach Lima due to the type of stand by ticket I had. Fortunately I made it on the fist attempt. Friday is Nuria’s last working day. Her colleagues were leaving at 4:30pm so that was when […]

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Day 2: fly and relax at the hotel

I boarded the plane in Madrid around midnight. I had to wait all passengers to board so they could tell me which was my seat. 25F. In the middle of the middle row. The plain was packed. I thing there were only 2 extra empty seats,  so I felt lucky,  but like my brother said,  […]

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Day 1: Salou to Madrid and… Lima? Yes!

In the morning Nuria’s parents,  my mum,  Noa and Kai and I went to the beach as usual. Then after siesta my mum dropped me at Camp de Tarragona AVE station on her way to Barcelona. It was the first time I was taking the fast train in Spain. The trip was smooth. It runs at […]

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Day 0: Trip to Peru

Nuria is going to Peru for work, and the plan is that I would be joining her in Lima, leaving the kids with the grand parents in Salou and stay for a couple of weeks in Peru. This is one  is the most unprepared trip we are going to do. Why? Well, I will be […]

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