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Bye bye San Francisco

Today is our last day here in SF. Guess what. Sunnnnnny. Yes. Every day raining like hell and today that we leave, sunny… Anyway. This morning we woke up later than usual. We went downstairs and we realized it was rush hour for pancakes. We got our spot and we cooked the worst pancakes of […]

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Scenic drive with Dylan

Today we had booked a tour with Dylan. He came at ten and took 10 of us in his van for a great 4.5 hours. We visited most of San Francisco, the golden gate, and the highlights: muir woods, with the amazing redwood trees with 120 m high and some more than 1000 years! One […]

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Golden Gate Bridge

After having lunch at Hard Rock cafe in pier 39 we walked west. We were looking for the stop of the bus number 28. It is the only one taking you to the bridge. Here the bus ride costs $1.5 and you can use the ticket for 90 min. Not bad. Anyway, we got there, […]

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This morning, after the pancakes (we are now experts) we went out under the rain towards powell street and then to market street to catch the classical F tram. I took a photo from the inside. It was raining a lot. It was one with everything in Italian. From Milan. We stopped at pier 33 […]

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Cable Car museum, China Town and SFMOMA

We started the day again after 12 hours sleep. Today was our second day with pancakes, the result was much better. See the photo. We managed to cook nice pancakes. Once we finished our macro pancakes, all day walking under the rain. Yes, it has been raining all day non-stop. We should be paid by […]

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After lunch…

We are now back to the hostel. I have noticed that the date of the posts is the date of the server, not our time here, so take into account that for us, now is 8 hours less, so all today’s posts that appear published as the 15 are actually the 14th. Well, after crab […]

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Crab crab

We are at Fisherman’s wharf, and even if we have not yet digested the pancakes, we could not miss having seefood lunch. Now the weather is not that good. It rains 10 min per hour. The way here was nice. We saw where the cable cart turns using a rotating platform, we tried the Ghirarselli […]

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Goood morning San Francico

After more than 12 hours we woke up on this St. Valentine day and went downstairs for breakfast. At the USA hostel San Francisco we have free pancakes in the mornings (you have to cook them yourself though). See the monster pancakes we cooked… I was ashamed of not being able to finish them… Later […]

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San Francisco

Well well…. after more than ten hours we finally made it. Here I am in the USA hostel San Francisco (with free wifi), 6.45pm local time and Nuria just fell KO…. and give me a couple of minutes and I will follow. It is been more than 24h without sleeping. San Francisco? Great. It was […]

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