Bye bye San Francisco

February 19, 2009

Today is our last day here in SF. Guess what. Sunnnnnny. Yes. Every day raining like hell and today that we leave, sunny…

Anyway. This morning we woke up later than usual. We went downstairs and we realized it was rush hour for pancakes. We got our spot and we cooked the worst pancakes of all these days. They were more like scrambled eggs… They were tasty though. We packed and we left the bags in the bag room. They gave us the $20 deposit that you give on day one and bye bye.

We  walked towards the Civic Centre, and listened to a politician convincing people on how green the city hall of San Francisco is with a project with a private sector company that he kept on pronouncing wrongly to integrate hybrids cars into the city. Inside the city hall we were quite amazed by the huge dome and stairs. We culturized ourselves a little bit more with the wedding intricacies and very different fashion touches in SF. Then we walked up to Coit Tower, when we thought that we were terribly mistaken we finally got to the art deco tower and visited inside the paintings commissioned to the then young artists of the bay in 1934 picturing the regionalism style of the Grand Depression years. The tower was a gift of a wealthy and peculiar lady who got married to Howard Coit. She was unconventional not only in her dressing code (man clothes), but also in her attitude: smoking cigars, gambling, the kind of woman I like!

18022009047We were feeling a little bit hungry so we decided to stop at Lori’s dinner and enjoy a go bananas milkshake, a vanilla milkshake with burger, house sandwich and mozarella stickers, ummmm, yummy but quite too much.

Now here we are drinking coke and water at the SFO international airport waiting for our connection flight to LA and then Papeete!!! Ji ji ji ji ji.

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