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I live on Google Chrome

It is not 100% accurate… but let’s say that chrome and its extensions have become my remote office. If I have my Macbook pro with me, then I use Mail App, iCal, etc… but when I am at my client’s office for a long period of time, like I am now, then I don’t carry […]

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Lanyrd Keeps Your Conference Life On Track, Via Twitter

Lanyrd,  via Twitter, track event sessions and keep up with favorite speakers — at all stages in the conference lifecycle. Some newlywed couples work to produce an offspring on their honeymoon. Most don’t labor towards birthing a startup. But that’s exactly what British entrepreneurs Natalie Downe and Simon Willison did on their post-nuptial adventure. After […]

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5 Common-Sense Rules for Online Meetings

Running a meeting virtually presents some special challenges that you simply won’t encounter when you’re able to round up your staff from within the building. The more you can do to streamline the process ahead of time, the better your meeting will flow and the faster you can get through your agenda. These five rules […]

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Evernote alternatives: Yojimbo, Together and Springpad

Those who follow me know that I am a fan of Evernote. I use it for capturing stuff I see with my iPhone camera, bookmarks, reference, all my incoming mail (it becomes searchable), my wines, books, notes… everything. Take a look at my blog entries on evernote. Well, before you go for an Organizing tool such as […]

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Magic Pen: records what you write and what you say

Livescribe Echo Smartpen is what I wish I had during my student times… I have not played with it but I watch some of the videos they have on their website and looks amazing. Basically it comes with a special paper notbook, where you write with this special pen. You can draw, write… everything is […]

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Hands free assistant

I was checking apps that integrate with Evernote when I found dial2do. It allows you call a number and create reminders, send texts, listen to and send email, and access your favorite 3rd party services – all while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. It is thought for being […]

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Do you hate conversation threads in Gmail? You can switch them off now

Many of us have hated for ever that all the emails are clustered in conversations, and it is true that after a while you get use to it and in fact you see that it is good to bring back to focus a response on an email you have already archived. Well, Google is rolling out […]

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Windows 7 Keyboard shortcuts

This article is taken from the Windows 7 official page. How to be fast in windows 7 by using the keyboard shortcuts. Keep reading…

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GTD: Todos, Task managers… iPhone, desktop, cloud… no perfect solution

Objective: I would like to mange my Getting Things Done (GTD) using a task manager (or todo manager) that: Most of the inputs will be on my mobile device: now an iPhone, but in the future probably android. That it can be done offline on my phone when I am roaming, it is synchronized. Synchronization […]

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