After lunch…

February 15, 2009

We are now back to the hostel. I have noticed that the date of the posts is the date of the server, not our time here, so take into account that for us, now is 8 hours less, so all today’s posts that appear published as the 15 are actually the 14th.

Well, after crab lunch we walked all around the fisherman’s wharf. We visited USS Pampanito submarine. Pretty cool! a World War 1 submarine for 85 people… incredible how they could fit there…

We were looking for the boat that takes you for the visit of Alcatraz, and we found it at pier 33. Those in other piers were just going around the island. Guess what. Full until Monday! So we are going on Monday at 10am.

l-640-480-95f8158f-e5d0-4958-9dcb-867c771ed7c7.jpegWe walked all around the pier 39, where all the shopping is, and the sea lions!! amazing. We also visited the Ghirardelli centre, where they sell this great chocolate. Then we wanted to walk towards the golden gate bridge. It was raining and we realized that was very far, so when we arrived to the presidio park, we walked to Lombard street, the typical street with the zig-zag turns going down that appears in so many films. Photos of all this I took with the nikon, so I will not post them in the blog.

p-640-480-931cf2cd-99e6-47cb-a3ea-0975d22f22951In our way back we stopped at the North Face shop close to union square. We did not write it but on day one the backpack that we have, a 70 liters “North Fake” that I bought in China, died. Well it broke down, and now I am trying to fix it a bit, but we just bought a new one. Slightly smaller (60 liters). Great price 30% plus a 20% so 50% off.

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