Golden Gate Bridge

February 17, 2009

After having lunch at Hard Rock cafe in pier 39 we walked west. We were looking for the stop of the bus number 28. It is the only one taking you to the bridge. Here the bus ride costs $1.5 and you can use the ticket for 90 min. Not bad. Anyway, we got there, and guess… raining like hell. It did not stop us from walking in the bridge. It was very windy also, but the view you have over the bay is great. Most of the photos I took with the nikon, not with the iphone or with Nuria’s n79. Same thing applies to Alcatraz, so if you want to see nice photos you will have to wait until we are back 😉

Once the bridge was seen. It is a nice bridge, and I bet when they built it it was an engineering challenge of using steel (you could go 3 times around the earth with the length of cable used) but now it requires a lot of maintenance: it is constantly being painted and as you know, the ocean is not a very good friend of iron.

We took the 28 again, thinking that it would go to the Golden Gate park. Well it didn’t so we changed plans. It took us to where we took it before, close to the Ghirardelli square. The new plan was then to go to Alamo square. In Alamo square you have the typical picture of San Francisco with 4 or 5 typical houses and the city behind (again, photos with the nikon camera only). The problem was that it was already pretty dark, but it is nice. We have to recognize though that in the walk to Alamo’s square, in particular Laguna street, the houses were much nicer that the ones of the typical photo. What they did not have, was the skyline behind, that is true.

16022009041We also passed through the Japanese district where we stopped to buy some water (and a iogurt).

After the photo, we took the bus number 5 to market street, passing by the civic center, one of the nicer buildings of the city. We stopped at the level of Powell street and we got into a shopping centre, but we were so tired that we came to the hostel.

Nuria is now going to sleep while I type.

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  1. Comment by Leonardo

    Leonardo Reply February 19, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    Hey Dani!
    Good to see that you are enjoying San Francisco!
    take care 🙂

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