Day 0: Trip to Peru

August 13, 2013

Nuria is going to Peru for work, and the plan is that I would be joining her in Lima, leaving the kids with the grand parents in Salou and stay for a couple of weeks in Peru.

This is one  is the most unprepared trip we are going to do. Why? Well, I will be traveling with the ID90 tickets that my brother gives me for the first time. These are “free” airplane tickets that my brother gets for his direct family because he is a Qatar Airways pilot.

The plan is that I leave from Madrid with Air Europa (I have only few companies I can use this type of tickets).

There is one plane to Lima everyday leaving around midnight. The way it works is that you go to the check in counter and if there are seats available (if the plain is not full) they you might get a free ride. Of course this is something I can do only if I am alone… and with hand luggage and a ready to spend a couple of nights in Madrid in case the plane is full.

This is the main reason why the only planing we have is the lonely planet guide and the fact that she is there in lima (at the Melia hotel). No bookings, no plans. Only if I manage to get into the plane, spend the time reading the guide and see what we can do.

Well the day 0, or the day before the big trip, I am in Salou, with the kids and the grandparents. I packed winter clothes in my cabin size ikea suitcase, for me the best suitcase. Since the days I traveled a lot with the UN, I gradually decided to travel with carry on luggage. Many time my checked in luggage did not make a connection and it was quite a disaster if I carried my suits and everything there, specially when going to African countries.

This Ikea suitcase is my preferred choice over the years because:

  1. Cabin Size
  2. It has straps to carry it as a backpack
  3. It has wheels
  4. It has a detachable back for the laptop and documents, so you can leave the big part in the hotel for instance.
  5. I has a zipper where you can put a lock, which is nice in hostels or if you leave it in the hotel with the camera for instance.

So, now I carry my ikea cabin size bag and my Scottevest fleece, a fleece Easyjet and RyanAir probably hate…

The Scottevest fleeze 5.0 is great because:

  1. It has 24 pockets, and most of them inside.
  2. In the outside looks like a nice fleece
  3. The biggest pocket is to carry a big iPad (if you want sure)
  4. It is ready for you to wire the headsets. The cable can go to any of the internal pockets.
  5. You can put your phone in one of the two internal pockets that have a transparent fabric that allows you to use the touchscreen.
  6. Basically for a short trip you could wear this without the need of a handbag or even suitcase. It does not matter the size of the bags, you just wear it.
  7. Very convenient for security at the airport. It is just a jacket you remove it, dump it in the x rays and that is it.
  8. You can remove the sleeves, which is great.

If you wonder it is more than possible to pack everything. Check this video:

This time I did not take my iPhone with me. I took my Android phone. It does take pictures at 8Mpx and the quality is the same as the iPhone.

It is a Wiko (french brand… made in china sure) cink peax, with dual sim card (so I have my spanish and swiss sims). A very very good 150 euro unlocked phone.

I also carry an external 5600MAh Anker battery. A must… It can charge a phone up to 3 times to 100% and it is pretty small.

Here the map of the trip:

Follow the trip with the #peru:

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