Day 6: Ascend to Cabanaconde

August 19, 2013

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No hotel. We spent the night in the bus to Puno.

When we arrived to Arequipa we had dinner at:
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At 5am the alarm went out. Time to start the ascent. My legs were heating from the previous day but we had a good night sleep with the only noise of the river.
There was full moon so the headlamps were not 100% required.
Many people had to go up with mules as it was quite a ascent.
Once in Cabanaconde we had breakfast and then headed back to Arequipa.
I cannot describe the way. It is like going on awful roads not paved and with tons of dust.
To go back to Arequipa we had to go up to more than 4900m and our van broke down in the way up…. yay! It was the dust. I told the driver to remove the air filter and we were back on business.
In Lima we bought pils for the altitude. 4000m for trekking is not a joke.
Back in Arequipa we had dinner at Chicha, a Gaston Acurio restaurant and directly went to the bus station to catch a night bus to Puno.
As you can imagine we were tired. We had been without electricity for 2 days and now we spend the night traveling by bus, which in a way is the most efficient way to go around, not just because you save the money of the hotel (that are cheap) but because you go to “sleep” in a place and wake up in your destination. If you manage to sleep sure. Luckly I carried my Anker 5600MAh battery that charged both our phones…

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