Day 12: New York and back home

March 3, 2013

Last day. Slept pretty well at the Equity Point Hostel. A bit cold but it was snowing so nothing to complain about.
I had a shower and packed. Went downstairs and had breakfast. Then took my backpack and walk walk walk. That is what I love to do in New York. I walked down to battery park, with the camera around my neck and passing by the main attractions. It was pretty early so most it the places where still closed but I saw the empire states, ground zero and the new building, Wall Street and when I reached the sea I took the A subway and up to Central Park. Then down again until the 41st where I took the shuttle to the airport. I had lunch in the airport. And here I am now flying. With 1.5 h delay and zero sleep. Two films: Argo and Alex Cross. Looking forward to see my family.






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