Day 11: to New York!

March 3, 2013

Long day. Woke up early at Seaside Cabanas in Cay Caulker to check out and take the water taxi to Belize. There a crappy old taxi to the airport for $25. My flight was leaving at 1:20pm and is going to Newark. Nuria’s was leaving at 3:30 and she is going to Miami and London.
I will seep today in Manhattan. I have a 24h stop over.
Lets see if I have wifi and I write something else before going to bed.
I’m on the bus on my way to manhattan. The bus has wifi. Wow.




I’m going to bed after having waked around Times Square. Had dinner, and bought some stuff at Gap for Kai Noa and Núria. Here one more photo.


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