Day 2: fly and relax at the hotel

August 15, 2013

I boarded the plane in Madrid around midnight. I had to wait all passengers to board so they could tell me which was my seat. 25F. In the middle of the middle row.
The plain was packed. I thing there were only 2 extra empty seats,  so I felt lucky,  but like my brother said,  “what is the percentage of 100% full planes? Not very high”
I was tired and when serving dinner they told me they might be short and so I had to wait they served all plane to see if there was food left. I told them I was not hungry anyway, which was true,  but I really felt like a stowaway…
The flight went well. I did not leave my place at anytime. The persons at both sides slept and I couldn’t so I listen to my book. I did not even open the travel guide… bad boy.
When approaching Lima we were served breakfast. Same story. They have to see if there was enough which is understandable, but this time I took it.
We landed a bit ahead d of time at 4:45am local time. I opened my bag to take my freeze and pant legs because it was pretty cold. Of course I chose the slowest cue at customs but I was not in a hurry and I was pretty relaxed and happy.
When leaving the airport, there it was: my name printed on a Melià hotel board. Nuria had told the hotel to arrange a pick up at the airport for me after I texted her when I boarded the plane. Cool. A very nice Mercedes Benz was waiting for me thanks to Nuria. The bill of $40 was charged to the room. Pretty expansive I thought… but sure, it is a Melia and when in Barcelona you pay 30 euros at least to go to the airport…

When I got to the hotel, with no traffic at all at this time in the morning, I asked for a second key and went upstairs to meet my other half. She was waking up. She had a 6:30am breakfast meeting. She had a shower and left.

Now I am in the room. It is cloudy and the location where the hotel is is not great. At least not for truism… probably for Nuria for work is good…  I slept a bit and took advantage of today to start reading the lonely Planet guide and start planning our trip.

Here are my thoughts:
Nuria finishes work tomorrow Friday at 4pm. At that time her colleagues are leaving to the airport and our holidays start. We can then visit the old town and go out for dinner.
On Saturday the 17th we can go to the airport and try to get a flight to Arequipa. We can stay there for a couple of nights. Apparently there are amazing canyons and it is very rich culturally.
From there we can fly to Puno,  near Titicaca lake. There we can do some island hopping with a ferry.
From Puno we could take the Andean Explorer train to Cusco. It is a luxury train with amazing views food and entertainment.
In Cuzco area the rest of the days. There is plenty to see:
Cuzco itself,  a train to Machupichu stopping over at Aguas Calientes and maybe a couple of days at Ollantaytambo (valle sagrado) to visit Chincheros, Urubamba and Pisaq. All this with local transport.
Finally Cuzco to Lima and back to Madrid and Salou.

We give priority to the Colca canyon, Titicaca and Machu Pichu. We won’t have enough time to do the jungle.
Now is 2pm and I have not left the hotel. I might. More later.
I walk around the hotel. Not much to see. I got a typical drink and meat cake.

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