Day 11: Sacred Valley

August 24, 2013

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Los Marqueses
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We were checking out today from the nice quiet Apu Lodge in Ollantaytambo. We took it easy, had a marvellous breakfast (eggs, fruit, cereals, bread…) and then the plan was to hire a taxi for both of us to take us to Cusco, but doing all the Sacred Valley in the way so we would reach Cusco at night.
We could do this with “colectivos” but it was raining and the best option for 150 nuevos soles, was to have a private tour, asking the driver to take us to Urubamba, Chinchero, Moray,  Maras, Pisaq… and stoping by all the Inka arqueological sites we had in our Boleto Turistico.

You can either go to the plaza and you’ll se taxi drivers around, or in our case, for 10 o 20 more we decided we would hire the one suggested by Apu Lodge (also for security reasons).

In Maras we visited the salt pools (7 nuevos soles), and they were amazing. We bought salt of course…

In Pisaq, a very nice town with many hippie tourists, we visited the market, ate a typical “empanada” in the Horno Colonial San Francisco and visited the ruins in the mountain. I particularly liked this little town up to the point that if I would have had more days I would have spent a night.

We arrived at Cusco (with s and not z even if in Spain we use z is wrong) at around 7pm. We, again chose a centric hotel, this time a good one: Los Marqueses. Cusco took my breath away… one of the nicest cities/towns I have ever visited… in the whole world…

We had dinner at a restaurant called Incanto. Design, good pizza. Then to bed.

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