Day 9: Ollantaytambo

August 22, 2013

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Apu Lodge
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Tawa Chaki
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At 4am the bus arrived at Cuzco. We took a taxi to where the colectivos to Ollantaytambo departures. For 10 soles each we took it and at 6am we were in Ollantaytambo.
Here is where we are now that I am trying to catch up with the blog. Many days without Internet and even electricity.  Now we are in the editors choice hostel from the lonely Planet. The Apu Lodge. We wanted to give ourselves a bit of a nice place 😉
Here we had a proper shower Yay!!!  And bought the return train from Aguas Calientes back to here. Otherwise it was very complicated as I mentioned yesterda.

Today we visited all the ruins around. Again some trekking as they are all in the mountains around here.

We bought the “Boleto Turistico de Cusco” that cost 130 nuevos soles. It allows you to enter the ruins in Ollantaytambo and many other. Around 15 and a few musums too. As we planned to hire a taxi to go to cusco that would drive us around the Sacred Valley, it was well worth it.

We had lunch in a very nice restaurant located by the main ruins: Tawa Chaki. I believe it was recommended by Lonely Planet and it was OK.

After visiting the ruins and having lunch we went to the Apu Lodge to relax a bit.

We did the ruins in the mountain behind the hotel (which are free to visit) and we went to bed. Our train to Aguas Caliente, or Machu Pichu village is leaving at 6am.


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