Day 14: back home

August 27, 2013

Woke up early,  had a shower and breakfast at Melià. Left Nuria in bed when I took a taxi to the airport with plenty of time,  leaving the hotel at 6:45sm when my flight was at 10 am. Just before rush hour.
Got to the airport around 7:15am and the cue on Air Europa was already scaring.
When it was my turn I was worried that the plane was full,  but it wasn’t.  I got my boarding pass on the counter. 16F. Airport tax was included in my ticket.
After that I went directly to security on the first floor. The line was also long,  but with nearly 3 hours before my flight I was not worried.
Finally the passport control. There the line was incredible. To summarize I got to the gate 22 nearly 2 hours after I arrived at the airport… so tip, go with plenty of time.

Flight went well. Similar seat but this time no distinction for food. Watch many films and did not manage to sleep at all.

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