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Snow storm in Geneva

We are in the easyjet flight to Gatwick. It should have taken off 35 min ago but… snow storm…so we are in the process of icing crock. I have already disconnected the phone so I will probably publish it from London. After nearly one hour we took off. It was curious to take off with […]

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Day 1 – Geneva London

Thursday, day 1 It is 5:40am and we are enjoying a muffin a cheese cake, coffee and tea at Geneva airport. We woke up at 4:20 and hurried to ITC where we left the car and walked to the station.

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Day -1 (Tomorrow we are leaving!)

Wednesday already…..Tomorrow we are starting our journey!! Yesterday we took Mina (our cat) to ours neighbours’ place, where she will have pretty in very good hands. I’m sure. We are nearly ready. We just have to pack. I have a list of things that I should not forget in the iPhone (things software) and we will follow […]

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Day -2

Tuesday.Two days to go. We were trying to get an insurance. We booked everything with the one that we found in the lonely planet forums and routard: but unfortunately they never confirm via email, so I  called them yesterday and they were pretty rude. They said that everything was wrong. We could not be […]

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Day -3

Monday. 3 days to go. I just booked the car for our stay in New Zealand. We will be getting to Auckland on the 28th of February, at 21.35, so we will rent it from the 1st of March until the 26th, when we will drop it in Christchurch The company I used (that I […]

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Trip Around the World

We are now 4 days ahead of our trip around the world 😉 We will be starting on Thursday, going to London, for a day, then to San Francisco for 5 days, Taithi, Moorea and Bora Bora for 9 days, Auckland, then 28 days around New Zealand. Catch a flight in Christchurch to Hong Kong, […]

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