Day -2

February 10, 2009

Tuesday.Two days to go.
We were trying to get an insurance. We booked everything with the one that we found in the lonely planet forums and routard: but unfortunately they never confirm via email, so I  called them yesterday and they were pretty rude. They said that everything was wrong. We could not be insured as we do not live in the UK. So they cancelled it.

The second best (price/features) or even the best at features and flexibility was but if you read carefully the FAQ there we have the same problem…. only for Brits…. (are we in the EU???)

We decided to start looking for French insurances (as we live in France). TDM (Tour du Monde or trip around the world in English) insurances are very expensive in France…. except the one that we just booked (and paid) online.

It is pretty good. It covers most of the things and for a couple of months is 66 euro. The downside is that luggage is only covered in the A/R (allez/retour) leg. 

The booking of the flights we did with Jarvis was the guy behind. They are great and prices are more than OK. The insurance they have though was a bit more expensive than the ones you can find online, but it look pretty complete.

We paid with our american VISA gold card (, so the baggage is insured with it, and so is the car that we will rent.

We learnt that if we would have paid with the French Master Card, we would have had a 3 months insurance. We did not know. Nevertheless the Visa gold covers a lot of stuff too.

I also was checking for an insurance to cover the digital camera. There are not many options for this.

But be prepared to pay for a year (minimum) and for more or less 5% of the value of the camera… so we decided not to go for it.

There is a better alternative if you live in France. There is a “assurance habitation” the one you have with for your house, that includes a pack mobilite, meaning that whateve you take with you is insured. then assurance habitation, then pack confort, pack mobilite. Around 400 euros per year though…

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  1. Comment by dani

    dani Reply February 11, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    I found that and .fr have very interesting forums.
    Worth spending some time when planning your trip.

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