Day -1 (Tomorrow we are leaving!)

February 11, 2009

Wednesday already…..Tomorrow we are starting our journey!!
Yesterday we took Mina (our cat) to ours neighbours’ place, where she will have pretty in very good hands. I’m sure.

We are nearly ready. We just have to pack. I have a list of things that I should not forget in the iPhone (things software) and we will follow it tonight.

News regarding our trip arrangements are that Jucy cars sent us a corrected reservation without the ferry and the top insurance. Now it costs $35 per day, which is about 14 Euro per day.


We also got an email back from vanira lodege in Tahiti saying that they are available on the days we requested, so we might book. Look at the photo on the left. Bungalows look great! and they all have views to the ocean!

It costs 105 euros per night. This is far more than we had on mind as budget for sleeping but we might make an exception.

We also got some feedback from Poor Knights diving centre.
They have daily trips to poor knight islands from Tutukaka. Full day with two dives, everything included (equipment too) is $225. It does look pretty good in the photos and video.

Yesterday I sent an email to everybody to give the address of the blog. I got tons of answers and recommendations. I would like to encourage you to put them as comments of the posts instead of emails to me. 

This morning Geneva was under snow. We just hope that there will be no problem with snow tomorrow. In Geneva and in London, sure.

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