Day -3

February 9, 2009

Monday. 3 days to go.
I just booked the car for our stay in New Zealand. We will be getting to Auckland on the 28th of February, at 21.35, so we will rent it from the 1st of March until the 26th, when we will drop it in Christchurch
The company I used (that I found they have a very cool internet site) is jucy (
We are taking a small car. $936 for 26 days so around $36 per day. We add extra $12 per day for a good insurance, making it $48 (about 20 euro per day)(after calling VISA, they told us that if we pay with VISA card, the insurance is automatically upgraded to the best one). That includes free Ferry to change Islands. (only if you go from the south island to the north one…).

We have also booked a nice hotel in London for Thursday that we found via 
You can find very good last minute deals in this site, even a bit cheaper that the one we were going to use before The hotel is 4* (Shaftesbury Premier London Hyde Park) and normally costs 395 gbp per night while we pay  59.

In San Francisco we also have a hostel booked (USA Hostels San Francisco). For booking hostels we normally use

Now we would like to book the first night in Taithi. There we will probably stay only a couple of nights. We will rent a car, and then we might take the plane to go to Moores and Bora Bora. For the time being we will probably book only the one in Taithi, probably this one that looks supercool

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