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The license place could be key in social media allows users to connect online and offline via unique identifiers, including license plates, mobile phones and online profiles. Ever wanted to tell the driver in front of you that their lights are off? Or maybe you’ve wanted to be the good Samaritan and warn someone that his meter has expired. Perhaps you just find […]

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Ford Fiesta and 650Hp… and some skills…

This is what you can do with a Ford fiesta with 650hp if you practice a bit. I do the same with my fiat 500.

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Day -3

Monday. 3 days to go. I just booked the car for our stay in New Zealand. We will be getting to Auckland on the 28th of February, at 21.35, so we will rent it from the 1st of March until the 26th, when we will drop it in Christchurch The company I used (that I […]

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