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18 Unbelievably Realistic Works of 3D Digital Art

What can’t artists do with 3D computer graphics these days? Fantasy can be brought to life in ways never before imagined, and realistic scenes as clear as a digital photograph are illustrated with stunning vitality. These 18 CG images from 15 talented artists will blow you away with their depth and attention to detail, from […]

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Tiny Houses & Little Lots: Floor Plans for Very Small Homes

Floor plans for small houses often look cramped on all sides, drawn furniture crowding each interior space. Not so with the work of Atelier Bow-Wow, an architecture and design group that (as the dog-referencing name suggests) specializes in the creation of extra-small dwellings as well as tall residences on tiny lots that bridge the gap […]

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Memoria Casa Joaquin in Spain by A-cero Architects

Memoria Casa Joaquin is a house located in Spain and designed by A-cero Architects. The rich, pure and volumetric qualities of the forms are also apparent in the structure, which includes concrete walls that create the outlines of volumes. The design process is intended to discover new visions of everyday life directly related to Galician […]

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Phanfare: Photo and Video hosting

I just wanted to introduce a new player in the photo hosting. I have talked in the past about flickr, picasa web, smugmug (one of my favourites) and now a small company from New Jersey, phanfare offers you options of unlimited photos from $49.99, and the pro $99.99 with Raw support. The galleries do not […]

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