Tiny Houses & Little Lots: Floor Plans for Very Small Homes

March 30, 2010

Floor plans for small houses often look cramped on all sides, drawn furniture crowding each interior space. Not so with the work of Atelier Bow-Wow, an architecture and design group that (as the dog-referencing name suggests) specializes in the creation of extra-small dwellings as well as tall residences on tiny lots that bridge the gap between ‘little’ and ‘luxury’ living.

There is an art to small space living and tiny home design that goes beyond making little lots feel bigger or making the most of what you have. Done right, a small structure can feel downright comfortable and cozy – not just livable or sufficient. These designers have no room for small minds, just big ideas for small spaces.

Take this tower home for instance: the plans above show just how small each level is, but the sectional models reveal a series of interconnected spaces – and photos of the finished structure are the most amazing of all, illustrating the clear visibility up, down and all around inside the house.

Other architectural projects from this firm may look more conventional on the outside by have amazing details, like the wooden walls, shelves and staircase structure of the more conventional-looking house with plans and sections as shown above.

Even their own live/work studio spaces fit into an extremely skinny lot – a simple tower with much more going on inside than you might first realize.

Again: the use of open-tread stairs, warm materials and generously-sized windows make these places more of an adventure than most homes could hope to be. Besides, with all of the new technology available today for building structures we sometimes forget that the best way to go green is to build small.’

(from dornob)

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