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Single-Serving Wine Glass is a Perfect Picnic or Party Ware

We drink beer from bottles, but even with a small single-serving wine bottle there is always a glass – so why not combine the two in to one and save everyone some hassle? These plastic glasses might not go over well at a formal dinner party, but for a toast-on-the-go or quick picnic they could […]

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Human Furniture Art

Anthropomorphic design is nothing new, but these furniture objects are quite literally made of people. A cross between art photography,performance artand home furniture design, these strange shots show us a surreal artistic perspective on everyday household objects. These photographs may not be safe for work … nor are the creations they depict safe, and they do not […]

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Tiny Houses & Little Lots: Floor Plans for Very Small Homes

Floor plans for small houses often look cramped on all sides, drawn furniture crowding each interior space. Not so with the work of Atelier Bow-Wow, an architecture and design group that (as the dog-referencing name suggests) specializes in the creation of extra-small dwellings as well as tall residences on tiny lots that bridge the gap […]

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Suburban Camouflage: 14 Lifelike 3D Garage Door Murals

What will the neighbors think? That is a difficult question to answer, as it depends upon which design you pick: would you like it to look as if you have acquired a classic car or a racing machine, or perhaps you plan hiring garage door experts in Riverside county to convert your garage entirely to […]

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