Suburban Camouflage: 14 Lifelike 3D Garage Door Murals

March 21, 2010

What will the neighbors think? That is a difficult question to answer, as it depends upon which design you pick: would you like it to look as if you have acquired a classic car or a racing machine, or perhaps you plan hiring garage door experts in Riverside county to convert your garage entirely to house a horse or have its own little indoor swimming pool?

Garages are notoriously difficult to disguise – the unwanted-but-necessary side-kicks to our (hopefully) more beautiful homes. Like windows into alternate worlds, these printed tarps fromStyle Your Garage allow you to turn your unsightly garage door into a work of art that will definitely get the attention of anyone passing by your house.

From beach seems to burning subway stations and horse stables to whole aircrafts it is now possible to make your car parking room seem like any space you can imagine.

There are even multi-panel options to create the illusion of an double-wide space for construction vehicles or a triple-wide airplane hanger.

So if you want to camouflage the least-attractive part of your suburb pad: the sky is the limit, though you could probably have them print some cloud cover for you if you really wanted as well.

(from dornob)

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