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January 8, 2010

Screen shot 2010-01-08 at 13.53.35.pngI just wanted to introduce a new player in the photo hosting. I have talked in the past about flickr, picasa web, smugmug (one of my favourites) and now a small company from New Jersey, phanfare offers you options of unlimited photos from $49.99, and the pro $99.99 with Raw support.

The galleries do not look as cool as with smugmug but you have a ton of cool features such as HD video (up to 2Gb per file) support or a desktop client.

Give it a try!

I still have not decided how to back up all my photos (around 50.000 with raw and jpgs…) may be just a backup service of S3 in amazon… as I have my own galleries at with a selection of good photos and with the rest.

I still need an offsite backup though even if they are all in raid mirror and external HD… but looking at the prices of backing up at amazon S3, dreamhost or others, I rather buy an external HD and put it is a friend’s house.

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