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Call Phones from Gmail

Some of us, when logging into our Gmail or Google apps accounts, can now see a new thing: Free Call to Phones from Gmail. To the US, sure. If you click on Learn More, then you will see that they have competitive prices to call using VOIP. I have to say that I have several […]

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Your local phone number in NYC, London, and 100 other destinations, forwarded to your Skype, wherever in the world you are, for FREE

Skype has had for a while the SkypeIn service where for $18 for 3 months you can have a DID or a fix phone number forwarded to your skype account. This can be very handy if you have a small business and you want to provide a local number for support, or if you live […]

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Now Google Voice in your Gmail: Call US and Canada for free

Google is adding google voice into your gmail. Not in google apps, sure. If you have a gmail account, and you are in the US, then you can call for free to the US and Canada directly from your Gmail page. Google voice is not available outside the US so it is not usefull for […]

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FingOut coming soon: calls worldwide to any phone from 1 c/min!

Yes, for the time being beta testing only and only for nokia phones, but Fring has started a well deserved fight with Skype. Petty they don’t have a desktop app… Here from the official Fring blog: If you want to be 1st to try the latest and greatest features, keep reading. fring is hosting an exclusive […]

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Fring for iPhone gets 2 way video calls over 3G, even without iPhone 4

The Fring app, known by consolidating together Internet Messanging services such as Skype, MSN, Gtalk, ICQ and others, has just released an update that in the iPhone 4 allows to use the front camera for video conferencing using 3G. This is big. Now if you have an iPhone 4 you are not obliged to use […]

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