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34 Guerrilla Marketing ingenious adds

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Subway Animals

In 1988 the british artist Paul Middlewick started seeing something else but subway plans in the Londonian underground. He took a second look at those maps and saw a forrest. In fact he saw many and many animals formed by lines and dots that actually make the subway map. From Dogs to parrots, passing elephants or […]

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Evol: Mini Buildings With Mighty Details

Evol is a Berlin based artist who is his own kind of urban planner. Like Russian dolls, Evol’s creations are a city within the city; he specializes in stenciling intricate building details onto surprising surfaces. Three dimensional balconies, windows, and mini graffiti create a realistic building facade in the middle of the sidewalk. Here is […]

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Parkour for Lazies: The Bizarre British Lying Down Game

It’s happening all around the world: people are taking pictures of their friends awkwardly lying face-down in all sorts of unlikely places. On top of statues, in the middle of roads, in front of famous landmarks – absolutely anywhere you can conceivably fit a horizontal human body, you’ll find someone playing the bizarre game. The […]

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