Subway Animals

February 25, 2011

In 1988 the british artist Paul Middlewick started seeing something else but subway plans in the Londonian underground. He took a second look at those maps and saw a forrest. In fact he saw many and many animals formed by lines and dots that actually make the subway map. From Dogs to parrots, passing elephants or turtle, they’re practically all there. He then started drawing them and these were pretty successful. He nows sells all of these Subway Animals on his own website called Animals on the underground.

Subway Animals - BirdSubway Animals – Bird

Subway Animals - CatSubway Animals – Cat

Subway Animals - ChickenSubway Animals – Chicken

Subway Animals - DeerSubway Animals – Deer

Subway Animals - DinoSubway Animals – Dino

Subway Animals - DogSubway Animals – Dog

Subway Animals - DogSubway Animals – Dog

Subway Animals - ElephantSubway Animals – Elephant

Subway Animals - FishSubway Animals – Fish

Subway Animals - FoxSubway Animals – Fox

Subway Animals - OstrichSubway Animals – Ostrich

Subway Animals - ParrotSubway Animals – Parrot

Subway Animals - PenguinSubway Animals – Penguin

Subway Animals - PigSubway Animals – Pig

Subway Animals - RihnoSubway Animals – Rihno

Subway Animals - TurtleSubway Animals – Turtle


Subway Animals - WoodPeckerSubway Animals – WoodPecker

(from whitezine)


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