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Tropical storm

Well yes, it seems like the rain follows us from Geneva. If the first night we thought that we were going to wake up in Australia, tonight I though that we were in the middle of the thunder itself. I woke up several times with the lighting, very nice, I thought, the storm is going […]

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Our first night in paradise. We really believed that we were going to wake up at least in Australia… and the reason is that there was such a tropical storm during the night that being lost in the middle of the Pacific ocean you have the feeling that the strong winds and rain was going […]

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Hello paradise!

We still cannot believe that yesterday we were in San Francisco having a nice bacon burger at Luci’s diner and today we are in a wood bungalow facing the sea in Huahine in the French Polynesia. Before I must say that we do not have Internet access. I continue to take photos with the iphone […]

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