February 20, 2009

21022009056 Our first night in paradise. We really believed that we were going to wake up at least in Australia… and the reason is that there was such a tropical storm during the night that being lost in the middle of the Pacific ocean you have the feeling that the strong winds and rain was going to take the whole little island somewhere else…. or that a big wave was going to take us surfing … we survived thought. Nuria woke up in the middle of the night because she said we were getting wet. Our bamboo-wood shelter is stronger than you would think.

21022009052 First thing in the morning after nice breakfast in the bungalow, we asked the lady to help us get a car, so half an hour later we had the AVIS lady here who took us to the AVIS rental close by the only petrol station in the island. She was telling us to take the car for two days with a better price. We said that we do not know. Now we do. One day is more than enough so it will cost us a bit more (7900 francs) but it is fine.

We went all around the island starting with Maeva where you can find 28 maraes temples that were restored. The maraes were the the royal households of the royal families. The road had no lines, was narrow but it was paved nicely probably due to the fact that the traffic is nearly non existent in this island. We continued the only road with no signs with the magnificence view of the mountains, and Mou’a Tapu, their sacred one, and the one that has been attracting all the winds and water (literally 5 min high pression showers). The aitos (trees) were all around us, creating this spectacular view in front of us at all times. We crossed several public phones, it seems that there is one every 200 meters, and we decided to stop and book our accommodation in Bora. We crossed over a little bridge to Huahine Iti, the small island and we arrived to the top end of it very quickly ( the lady from Avis said that if you do not stop you arrived to the bottom of the island in 30 minutes –  and consider that the maximum allowed speed is 60 km/hour).  Behind a curve, we saw the most clear turquoise water ever, and in the view point another 2 cars with an orange point on the front and back (rental cars) were taking pictures of the water in front of the motu. We followed the road and we did as we were told, that is stop at Chez Tara, have lunch and enjoy the beach. As it was only 11 am, we decided to go for a swim first, and what a fabulous beach and blue turquoise waters we had in front of us, with some 26 degrees, the water was great. We walked up and down the beautiful beach and then we selected a small table just 2 meters from the water ( this is the closest we have ever had lunch to the sea – excluding on a boat). Fresh fish catch of the day nature and the same with vanilla sauce. With banana split to keep dani happy. Fantastic! Tara, the cook did not speak much french, so conversation was little but views, handsome 30 something and food did not require anything else. We continued our way around the island to reach again the bridge between both Huahines, full with children jumping into the water the 10 meters high. All very excited about possibly the most interesting activity in the island: jump and ask the tourist to take a photograph of them, which we did of course, actually I believe that dani took some 20 of them…

We wanted to stop in the Eden Garden, but somehow we missed it because when we saw the next sign we were close to the main village of Fare. Signalization and marketing is not in the dictionary here. In fare we stayed for a couple of hours just in the beach contemplating the beautiful mountains and the sea with the motu some 500 meters away where the waves break. And then we headed back to our hotel, to have a shower and a fantastic dinner with another guest, Steve, a Californian ,who decided to go on a 2 month trip to these islands because his mortgage is paid and his kids are grown up and with jobs. He explained us a lot of things about his 1 month cruise ( in a big boat for 100 passengers) and then the hoping of islands he was doing. Really nice guy. And what to say about the food! 2 trays with 3 rouges each and a bowl with raw fish cooked in a coconut milk and ginger sauce to lick your fingers. There was even a cake made with coconut milk, not very sweet but really tasty.

Rejane explained us that the restaurant, facing the ocean, where we are, was built by her father and we you look up to the impressive roof and how the bamboos are attached together, you wonder how he could have though of doing it like that. The area is opened so air can circulate all around and does not pose a barrier to its flow.

Back to our bungalow I sprayed myself with the local repellent made of Tahiti Monoi and Tamanu oil. It says that it is a long lasting efficient mosquito and biting insect repellent with those oils and plant extracts; it is very pleasant to apply, smells lovely compared to the one we brought from Thailand but apparently the insects here do not agree with what is written in the label, and my right leg can probe it…

And that was it, at 9.00 pm we were already in bed, no wonder we wake up so early!

Huahine-Nui with Oregon 300

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