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5 Common-Sense Rules for Online Meetings

Running a meeting virtually presents some special challenges that you simply won’t encounter when you’re able to round up your staff from within the building. The more you can do to streamline the process ahead of time, the better your meeting will flow and the faster you can get through your agenda. These five rules […]

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Google Launches Personalized Fashion Shop

Google launched a personalized online fashion shop, letting users visually search and discover fashion goods as well as create their own fashion boutique. Currently limited to the U.S. and women’s fashion only (with plans to expand in the future), Boutiques assists you in refreshing your wardrobe with a combination of curated fashion choices from […]

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Google's New Feature: Trap My Contacts Now

Want to import your Gmail address book into Facebook? Google is happy to let you do that (although it doesn’t want to make it easy). But first, it wants you to be aware of what you’re doing namely, that you are importing them into a place where you will never be able to get them […]

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Why Google Is Killing Gears & Pushing HTML5

As it is with everything Google does, the technology world went into a tizzy when in 2007, the search giant released Google Gears, a way to access web applications offline in your browser. Microsoft responded with its own technology and Adobe Systems came out with AIR. And while our readers were divided on Google Gears, gigaom […]

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