Google Launches Personalized Fashion Shop

November 19, 2010

Google launched a personalized online fashion shop, letting users visually search and discover fashion goods as well as create their own fashion boutique.

Currently limited to the U.S. and women’s fashion only (with plans to expand in the future), Boutiques assists you in refreshing your wardrobe with a combination of curated fashion choices from fashion taste-makers and machine learning algorithms. Start with a style, and you’ll see 50 hand-curated items on top, with the rest of the inventory in that style chosen by Google’s algorithms.

Features include the ability to filter searches by genre, silhouette, pattern, color families and sizes, as well as visual search, which analyzes the photograph of a clothing item for its color, shape, and pattern and then returns visually similar items. Boutiques also gives you matching outfit ideas to the right of the search results, and you can complete looks using style rules, which suggest items that match.

Boutiques is also available as an iPad application, available for free in the iTunes store.

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