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Scenic drive with Dylan

Today we had booked a tour with Dylan. He came at ten and took 10 of us in his van for a great 4.5 hours. We visited most of San Francisco, the golden gate, and the highlights: muir woods, with the amazing redwood trees with 120 m high and some more than 1000 years! One […]

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Heathrow… and fly

And again today we got up at 4.20 am with not many hours of sleep and with a break at 12.00pm when someone entered in our room!! That was a shock! Apparently two Torres had booked on the same night, what a coincidence. No raining nor snowing, so the 10 minutes walk to Paddinton train […]

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Beth took the day off to fight her highs-phobia in St paul’s cathedral followed by a great burger with south African wine. Then a bit of history on Elizabethean, Georgian architecture during a short walk to Tatem Modern. Another walk under the rain and back to our hotel which ended up being quite good quality, […]

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