February 12, 2009

Beth took the day off to fight her highs-phobia in St paul’s cathedral followed by a great burger with south African wine. Then a bit of history on Elizabethean, Geo120220090271l-640-480-db16a9fa-f90f-4548-a355-4489174a3a0b1rgian architecture during a short walk to Tatem Modern. Another walk under the rain and back to our hotel which ended up being quite good quality, though the shower had no pression and the temperature wap-640-480-57bef64a-60c1-4cf4-8caf-2b52360a8fa81s at 28 degrees maximum, but very much appreciated after the snowny weather first in Gva and then during the afternoon in London.

Nuria stayed in the hotel with pain in her knee as she did not see 3 steps when she opened a door in the laberintic hotel. Dani went to Paddington to meet Leonardo and have another beer.



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