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Heathrow… and fly

And again today we got up at 4.20 am with not many hours of sleep and with a break at 12.00pm when someone entered in our room!! That was a shock! Apparently two Torres had booked on the same night, what a coincidence. No raining nor snowing, so the 10 minutes walk to Paddinton train […]

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Around 7, just 5 min after we arrived to the hotel, and Nuria fell exhausted in bed, I went to meet my dear friend Leo. We met in Paddington and we went to have a beer and catch up. It was great to see my friend.

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Beth took the day off to fight her highs-phobia in St paul’s cathedral followed by a great burger with south African wine. Then a bit of history on Elizabethean, Georgian architecture during a short walk to Tatem Modern. Another walk under the rain and back to our hotel which ended up being quite good quality, […]

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Snow storm in Geneva

We are in the easyjet flight to Gatwick. It should have taken off 35 min ago but… snow storm…so we are in the process of icing crock. I have already disconnected the phone so I will probably publish it from London. After nearly one hour we took off. It was curious to take off with […]

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Day 1 – Geneva London

Thursday, day 1 It is 5:40am and we are enjoying a muffin a cheese cake, coffee and tea at Geneva airport. We woke up at 4:20 and hurried to ITC where we left the car and walked to the station.

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