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Facebook, Twitter and YouTube redesign their websites

In the last months we have seen some Internet titans redesign their websites. Facebook First it was Facebook. They changed a lot. Before they had this bar at the bottom of the page with the apps, chat and so, which is now back to the traditional menus in the top and left. People complained at […]

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Using Buzz in your Gmail? Try Facebook chrome extension

If you have a gmail account they you have noticed that buzz is there. You might like it or not (now you can turn it off). If you do, and you are a chrome user (I am when I am not on my mac) then try the Google Chrome extension that adds Facebook into the left […]

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Facebook adding location features soon

Facebook confirmed yesterday that it is working on a Location-based product but said that it has re-evaluated its plans to focus more on Places like restaurants. As part of a larger blog post about clarifying language around privacy controls, Facebook deputy general counsel Michael Richter said that the company now has “different ideas” that are “even […]

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Facebook Makes Spontaneous Event Planning Easier

Facebook has updated its publisher tool to allow users to create events directly through the Publisher. After clicking on the “Events” icon, you can enter information about what the event is and where and when you want to meet. You can invite friends published event that’s created either on your profile or your news feed by […]

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