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How To Use Google Wave for Live Blogging

This an article you can find at ReadWriteWeb. They had been Live Blogging during Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook privacy press conference. They decided to put this theory into practice and live blogged the event with Wave. The reaction to the experiment was overwhelmingly positive, so they decided to share how they did it : How It’s Done […]

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Google kaos of services. Integration problems and Google apps users discrimination

I wanted to write an entry on my thoughts about google services. Don’t get me wrong, I love google. I really like it, its strategy of providing everything for free and try to find revenue through other ways (it took them a while), in their case adds is absolutely great and has marked a before […]

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Google Wave is Coming: 100,000 Invites Go Out on September 30th

Less than two months ago, Google dropped a spectacular surprise upon the world: Google Wave. The communication tool aspires to redefine not only email, but the entire web. Well, in the last two months, Google and third-party developers have been hard at work testing out the system, fixing the kinks, and building some amazing extensions […]

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