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First iPhone Augmented Reality App Appears Live in App Store

French app development shop PresseLite appears to have the first Augmented Reality (AR) supporting iPhone app live in the iTunes store, though we don’t know how they did it. It’s called Metro Paris Subway, and while the app isn’t new, it released a new version last week that added an AR overlay that displays information […]

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7 e-learning and teaching resources

While the down economy continues to hurt funding to our schools, more and more teachers are looking to web-based services to help educate their students. Whether it’s through open resource projects like CK-12, virtual classrooms like those in Second Life, or through therepurposing of tools like Twitter, millions of teachers are finding innovative resources to engage their […]

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Drupal Mavens Unveil Open Atrium: An Intranet in a Box

Proprietary intranet vendors, be scared. Be very scared. Today,Development Seed, the open source shop behind DrupalCon in DC and other endeavors, has released the public beta of Open Atrium. Open Atrium is a free and open source intranet built as a Drupal distribution, with some impressive functionality available out of the box. Not only is this a […]

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The Four Essential Apps for Distributed Teams

Distributed teams. Virtual work. Placeless offices. Whatever you want to call them, groups who work from geographically separate locations are more common than ever. Despite how widespread this mode of coordinating work has become, there are those still wondering just what tools are absolutely crucial to making a distributed team work. Here’s a list of […]

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Expono: Flickr, Picassa and the Kitchen Sink

You can’t swing a stick on the Web these days without hitting a photo or media sharing service. Some of the most popular ones like Flickr andPhotobucket have become an indispensable part of our online lives. Among the most recent services to enter the game is Expono, a photo sharing, organizing and protecting service with added features […]

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pingdom: free website monitoring

Over the last few years, Pingdom has established itself as a well-regarded uptime monitoring service, but until now, its services were only available to paying customers. Today, however, Pingdom launched a free version of its service. The free service offers all the features of Pingdom’s paid accounts, though users are limited to monitoring just one website or server. […]

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Free Tool for Gov't Agencies to Communicate Public Safety Alerts Online or Via SMS

(from readwriteweb) A new SMS and email notification service is helping local government agencies reach citizens when and where it will do the most good: As soon as possible, and wherever that citizen happens to be. Depending on whether agencies in a selected location are participating (currently, nearly 1,000 agencies have signed on since the […]

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Google translates emails

(from Gmail Labs has done it once again. A new feature introduced today allows users to automatically translate emails into English and any other supported language. Sort of. As with any non-human inter-linguistic interpretations, the messages suffer in translation. But thanks to this new feature, you’ll be able to get the gist of the Cyrillic text in […]

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