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An Android device in my iLife

I have had a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 10.1″ for two weeks now. The bank sent it to us when we placed some money in a long term deposit. I am an Apple guy, with my Macbook retina, my iPhone 4s and a second generation iPad. I have always been curious about Android and in […]

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The real causes of the economic crisis

It is obvious we are living one of the biggest economic crisis of the history of the world as we know it, and it is far from over. We have heard many complaining and writing about the causes and what has been done wrong: the america housing bubble, the banks, the debt… And we are […]

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Tablets have been there for ages. I remember few years ago laptops with touch screens based on windows. They were sort of a flop. I wanted a tablet laptop back in 2008… iPhone was the pioneer of a new generation of smart phones… and the iPad set a before and an after on the tablet […]

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Evolution: Blogs to Microblogs to Twitter to Foursquare to Picplz and Instagram

Content is still the king. In the past content was generated by a small elite of journalists, correspondents… big news agencies, or journalist with opinion and good writing. This has been changing. They are struggling to find their place now. Traditional media is married to a physical support (paper) which is expensive to produce and distribute, it is not […]

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Regulating Google's results? Law prof calls "search neutrality" incoherent

“Neutrality”—if it’s good enough for the core of the Internet, isn’t it good enough for the edge? The biggest Internet providers say it is, and they would love to have the government slap a few neutrality rules on Google, just to see how the advertising giant likes the taste of the regulatory bridle. In 2010, […]

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