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PhotoTrackr Plus brings geotagging to Nikon DSLRs, leaves your hotshoe open

Oh sure, Nikon’s got its own solution for adding native geotagging to your existing DSLR, but the GP-1 dongle definitely has its drawbacks. Aside from sucking down around 4x more power than Gisteq’s new PhotoTrackr Plus, it also eliminates the ability to use a dedicated flash in the hotshoe while capturing GPS data. Moreover, it has to warm […]

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nikon d3s, night vision…

Nikon has announced a new player, the nikon D3s, an incredible machine capable of shooting at 102.400 ISO! and with its FX CMOS sensor shoot HD movies as well. It has 12.1 Mp and the will cost around $5.200. You still have the D3X with 24.5 Mp and the D3 with 12.1 Mp and also […]

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