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Monrovia – Meeting the Minister of Trade

Today we had a productive day. We met the Minister of Trade and her Chiefs. Here you have some photos: the toilet in the floor of the Minister (they have no water and no electricity, only own generators), the Ministry of Trade Building and stairs, the bullet hole in the glass in the Minister’s meeting […]

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Monrovia National Holiday

Sunday. We had the day free after a meeting with our local guy here. We did plan the week and then Francis took us with his crappy car to have a tour around the city. What can I say about it. It is a post conflict zone. The few big buildings that are still standing […]

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Liberia, day one

Here I am, in Monrovia, in the Corina Hotel. A 5 stars hotel… I’m joking. There are no 5 stars hotels here. This in fact a place with clean sheets, and free wifi. That is good enough. The flight was long. Flying economy within Africa and in a 5 or 6 hours trip, with stop […]

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Going to Kenya and Liberia

Well, here I am at gate B37 Terminal 5 in London Heathrow airport. This time on my first trip/mission with the ITC, that I joined 2 weeks ago. I am now using my iPhone and we are ready to board. I will be arriving to Nairobi late at night and tomorrow I will be meeting […]

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