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Internet Archive Partners With 150 Libraries to Launch an E-Book Lending Program

The Internet Archive, in conjunction with 150 libraries, has rolled out a new 80,000 e-book lending collection today on OpenLibrary.org. This means that library patrons with an OpenLibrary account can check out any of these e-books. The hope is that this effort will help libraries make the move to digital book lending. “As readers go digital, so are our […]

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Keep your books library in the cloud

Let’s talk about books. If you read blogs probably you enjoy reading books. During our lives we accumulate a ton of books and magazines. Well magazines we can bin (some of us) but books we keep. Now with ebooks this is changing. There are still a lot of people who still things that all this […]

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Kevin Rose: ideas on ebooks

Most people of my generation still prefer the smell of a book to an iPad or a Kindle. Well I am not like my generation. I strongly believe that an ebook reader is the future, not just because it can hold all your books, but because it can offer endless things that you can not […]

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