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insync: it is ok to break up with dropbox

I heard about insync on twitter not too long ago. It caught my attention the fact they sell themselves as a Dropbox killer, I had to try. Insync (http://insynchq.com) is, like Dropbox, a little program you can install in a mac or pc even if you are not an admin (which for my work laptop […]

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easy easy photo galleries and more… with views.fm and dropbox

Do you have a Dropbox account? Then you should try views.fm. It is a web layer on top of dropbox that displays nice galleries, file sharing… pretty easy and straight forward.

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Print from your mobile using Dropbox

Wirelessly Print Anything from Anywhere, Anytime While mobile phones have become a lot more capable in the past few years, the connection between the printer and your phone is still very weak. For instance, if you are using a BlackBerry or an iPhone, how do you print any of the presentations or spreadsheets that you […]

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