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Love love

Love Love is a sculpture created by French artist Julien Berthier that resembles a sinking ship. It’s a fully functional boat, well, half a boat created from a 21-foot yacht that he cut in half, adding a new keel and motor. Julien has taken the sculpture across the English Channel and toured it around Europe, […]

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Get Out! The Table Shelter

Extremis is one of my favorite outdoor brands. The reason is that they do not bother bringing designs to the market unless they have a true innovation that really works for real life. This year, their creative touch has turned to making a “Table Shelter.” In November, they launched the Hopper table and now have a […]

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Memoria Casa Joaquin in Spain by A-cero Architects

Memoria Casa Joaquin is a house located in Spain and designed by A-cero Architects. The rich, pure and volumetric qualities of the forms are also apparent in the structure, which includes concrete walls that create the outlines of volumes. The design process is intended to discover new visions of everyday life directly related to Galician […]

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Furama Hotel Spa by Formwerkz

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The Cement Factory Loft in Barcelona by Ricardo Bofill

LoftLife takes a look into The Cement Factory loft, Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill’s legendary and unusual live/work complex in Barcelona. Originally, the space was, in fact, a cement factory but it also resembles a cathedral with its high, narrow windows and gothic-style arches. Today, the factory serves as Ricardo’s personal home, as well as offices, laboratories, […]

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