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5 Great Skype Alternatives

Microsoft’s whopping US$ 8.5 billion purchase of Skype is probably good news for a large pool of video chat users, but there’s undoubtedly those who are worried about the possible implications of the acquisition. While there’s no exact clone of Skype floating around out there, a number of tools would still make great alternatives for […]

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Looking Ahead to Drupal 8

In the opening keynote for DrupalCon 2011, Drupal founder Dries Buytaert laid out what they’ve learned from Drupal 7, and his initial plans for Drupal 8. Looking Back Drupal 7 was a huge endeavor. The release took three years and had 1,000 contributors, with 30 people being responsible for 50% of the improvements. In discussions […]

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W3C Working to Simplify Multilingual Web Content Practices

The first two words of WWW mean “world wide,” and this is one important aspect of the Web that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) (news, site) is currently focusing on. With about 2 billion Internet users around the world across continents, not everyone is speaking the same language. Given the relative increase in use of […]

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Content Strategy: Now is the Hour of Real Time Web Analytics

Real-time web analytics tools have made content strategists’ dreams come true — we can now understand precisely what our audience likes, dislikes and is responding to, as it happens. All content strategists dream about fully understanding what their audience wants in terms of content. Delivering content that is valuable, shareable and findable is the goal […]

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How SharePoint Can Deliver Project Transparency

By DUX RAYMOND SY | Published Jan 14, 2010 on cmswire Transparency in projects is becoming a requirement for many organizations today. SharePoint provides a number of out of the box features and integrations with third party tools to support the transparency required. But even before you go about designing the solution, make sure you have […]

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