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I live on Google Chrome

It is not 100% accurate… but let’s say that chrome and its extensions have become my remote office. If I have my Macbook pro with me, then I use Mail App, iCal, etc… but when I am at my client’s office for a long period of time, like I am now, then I don’t carry […]

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Google Search Chrome tips

If you have made the switch to Google Chrome, as I did long time ago, then this tips are is going to save you some time: Did you close by mistake a tab? Click Command+Shift +T and there you have it again. (Control+Shift+T for Windows) Going to the search bar? Click Command+L and the cursor […]

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Chrome tip

Accidentally closed a chome tab? Reopen your last tab with Ctrl+Shift+T (PC/Linux) or Cmd+Shift+T (Mac).

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Use Character Tags to Remember Bookmark Keywords

We’ve sung the praises of the art of keyword bookmarking before, but the number of keywords in your setup can quickly get out of control. Reader Swc oxcart shows us an easy way to keep track of all your bookmark keywords. Google Chrome’s auto-suggest will automatically narrow down your bookmarks for you by adding a […]

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