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Using Buzz in your Gmail? Try Facebook chrome extension

If you have a gmail account they you have noticed that buzz is there. You might like it or not (now you can turn it off). If you do, and you are a chrome user (I am when I am not on my mac) then try the Google Chrome extension that adds Facebook into the left […]

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Google kaos of services. Integration problems and Google apps users discrimination

I wanted to write an entry on my thoughts about google services. Don’t get me wrong, I love google. I really like it, its strategy of providing everything for free and try to find revenue through other ways (it took them a while), in their case adds is absolutely great and has marked a before […]

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Google Buzz

Google has just unveiled its latest attempt to become more relevant in the social media space: Google Buzz. The product is integrated within Gmail and will be rolled out gradually to all of the webmail service’s users over the next few days.

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