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Early in 2009 I reviewed several online backup services and my conclusion was that if you want a hassle free solution the best way was to use dropbox for the active documents you are working on, as you have online versioning, local copies in your computers and everything is transparently synchronised. They give you 2Gb for free and if you do need […]

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Back up your photos in the cloud: Flickr or Picasaweb?

Photography is one of my passions. I have with some nice photos that I don’t actually update very often just because it requires and effort of, opening Lightroom in my mac, connect to the photo folder in my media centre, edit those that I think can go to the web, export them to 800px […]

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Online Backup Unlimited for $5 per month

We all know how important it is to backup our computers, but studies consistently show that most computer users — even those that know better — don’t. As Internet connections get faster and storage becomes less expensive, online backup services like Backblaze, Mozy and Carbonite have stepped-in to help consumers back up their data. Not […]

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