Day 2: Houston to Belize and relax

February 21, 2013

Terrible night. I woke up every hour. I guess is the jet lag. The hotel was just fine. They have the free shuttle which is very convenient, although Houston airport is not very well designed. Every time the driver has to pick up someone in another terminal he had to edit the airport.
The hotel, Red Roof Inn was just like any other motel in the US. Rooms are ok, with two queen size beds, a coffee machine in the room and a tv. 20130221-142156.jpg
I made the booking using but when you check in you have to give the credit card and I believe when you check out they charge extra 17% for the taxes.
I ordered a wake up call at 5:30am and I took the shuttle at 6am. It is a 15 min ride.
The terminal for international flights from United is E but the c20130221-142206.jpgheck in is in C. 200 m apart.
Once you get the boarding pass you can go through security there or, following the advice of a nice woman, going upstairs where there is a less crowded security check already in terminal E.
I had breakfast at “Famiglia”, sort of a panino with omelette and jam, and a coffee. Then I just walked around the shops and boarded the plane at hate E22, and here I am. A two hours flight to Belize. 20130221-142225.jpg
I will continue from the Radisson hotel.
Finally I made it. I arrived to Belize airport ahead of time and I went to Radisson hotel with the shuttle. I had lunch and now I’m here at the pool with perfect temperature and a nice breeze.



At 7pm Núria came from work an we went out for lunch with her colleagues. We took a taxi and went to the Riverside tavern.

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