Day 1: Geneva, Washington and Houston

February 21, 2013

Day one. Sunny in Thoiry. Nuria’s dad drove me to the airport a 9:30am. I passed security without any problems. I only carry my ikea family cabin bag, my Scottevest and no computer or iPad, just my iPhone 4S and my Nikon d300 that I did not have remove from the bag. Once inside I just walked around and went to the C gates. There is another passport control there and once inside just a bar and a shop with watches. The flight was announced as being early, so it turned well that I had time. We boarded into this American Airlines B767-300 and took off early. The plane is half empty so I have plenty of room here at seats 32k and J.
I am writing from the plane after having had lunch and watched a pretty bad movie (here comes the boom). It is 14:10 Geneva time and the flight will be 8h:35 mins.

I guess I will be able to upload this in Houston at the hotel. I will continue there.






I am now in Houston, in the red roof inn. It is 21:00 and tomorrow I have the wake up call at 5:30 so, I publish this and to bed.
Tomorrow Houston Belize.


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