New iPhone or iPhone 5?

September 4, 2012

Looks like everybody is expecting the new iPhone (iPhone 5) to be presented this month.

My contract with Orange is expiring so I am elegible for a new phone soon. Do you want the new iPhone?


Everybody was expecting an iPad 3 and they called it the new iPad.

Now everywhere you read about iPhone 5, but I believe it will be called new iPhone. Period. What do you think?

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So far we heard that it was going to be announced in September, and to wrap-up a bit the rumors it has been said that:

  • It could have NFC, like some android phones. That would make the wallet app more useful.
  • Having a similar body design (maybe some metal, but I don’t think so as for the antenna is no good). Probably it will be thinner. Or… will it be something completely different? I don’t think so.
  • The shape slightly different. Longer with the same width, with a 4 inches display. Retina sure.
  • With a smaller connector, which is possible. The existing is damn old.
  • A6 quad-core. Again, a natural upgrade.
  • Regarding the capacity, I recon they will keep 64Gb, and increase it with the “s” version in less than a year.
  • LTE. Probably but if they do, Samsung holds a lot of patents here so it can become WW3…
  • Improvements in the camera? Maybe the front face camera (HD?)… but the back? what, more pixels? bahh… better sensor? Physical zoom?? that would be awesome…
  • We have seen also photos of earphones. Could be possible.


Honestly I am happy with my iPhone 4s, and the above is weak for me to change phones…. maybe I should consider a Galaxy note 2… but as many of us, I have invested a bit on apps… so if I have the opportunity to change mobile, why not a newer iPhone?

We will see… in any case, I believe we have reached a plateau. Smart phones are already great.

What should it have to make you change?

Extra thin? All screen?



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